Company Name : Arcon

Job Type : Electric Engine Mechanic

Location : Częstochowa

  • Job Discription :An entry-level Electric Distribution Mechanic works as a trainee under close supervision of journey-level workers. Trainees receive extensive classroom training as well as on the job training as a cable splicer and as a line mechanic. Electric Distribution Mechanic trainees assist in the construction, maintenance and repair of overhead electric power sub-transmission and distribution lines and equipment; constructs high-voltage distribution pole lines; makes construction changes to existing lines and equipment; repairs power lines and line equipment; repairs and reroutes services; sets poles; installs transformer racks; hangs and installs transformers and switches of various types and sizes; installs overhead street lights and guy wires; makes repairs to energized lines; performs limited line clearance tree trimming; installs watt-hour meters; uses appropriate live line tools to install and remove approved protective covering on energized distribution and sub-transmission circuits of 7.5kV and above; and climbs poles. Electric Distribution Mechanic trainees assist in the construction, maintenance, and repair of underground electric power, transmission, sub-transmission, and distribution cable work. Performs work activities in connection with underground cable installation and removal; pulls cables and service lines through sub-structures, vaults, duct lines, up poles and walls, over roofs of buildings and to customers’ service panels; performs rigging operations of cable pulling equipment; installs and removes transformers and related equipment in vaults and sub-structures; splices energized and de-energized low-voltage cables, splices high voltage de-energized cables; maintains gas and oil filled cable and equipment; installs watt hour meters; and climbs poles as related to underground work. A journey-level Electrical Distribution Mechanic performs skilled mechanical and electrical work in connection with the construction, maintenance, and repair of energized and/or de-energized overhead and underground electric transmission, subtransmission, distribution, communication, and utilitarian street light lines, cables, and equipment; and may work as lead over a group of skilled craft workers.
  • Payment : zł4000
  • Working Hours : 8-10hrs
  • Accomodation :


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