Who We Are

Established in 2015, Arcon has since been diversifying into various endeavors and International joint ventures as a manpower job placement consultants, headed by a team of experienced management, and we provides Jobs In Poland and employ talented professionals.


Ever since Arcon was built its objective is to provide Manpower jobs and other miscellaneous work to companies. We hire the optimal and make the excellence of them. Arcon is keenly dedicated to expand in all different kind of fields relating to service, in order to satisfy our customers, companies and employees. Our uncompromising principle has want has lead us such achievements. We believe in changing to a better world.


Exatual Assistants doing the right things at the right time!

Forward new normal that evolved from generation is on the runway heading towards streamlined cloud solution.

  • Get decided business results

    Capitalize on low hanging deep fruit to identify value

  • Save time with qualified assistants

    Capitalize on low hanging deep fruit to identify value

  • Quick formulate your all plans

    Capitalize on low hanging deep fruit to identify value

Our Services

Arcon as a welding outsourcing company and MIG, MAG and TIG outsourcing service, provides a wide and comprehensive range of professional services to both local and international businesses to meet your company's global business needs. Our firm is an assurance of the highest quality of skilled jobs service and skilled workers through our professional team especially if you are looking forward for a skilled man power outsourcing agency

Arcon Real Estate

Our team of experts represents the best and brightest in the industry, and we are always striving to lead the field in research, innovation, and consumer education.

Arcon Export And Import

Do you wish your work in Import & Export department? You can apply here and pioneer in the chosen field to gradually upgrade the possessed skills and knowledge.

Arcon Outsourcing Services

What is a world without the efforts of human effort and labour? No matter how many robots will come they can’t replace human power. If you are looking for industrial related work, you are are the right place.

Arcon Distribution

Let’s reach to the furthest ends of the world and set a mark of goodness where were we have stride. If that’s objective then this is your opportunity.

Arcon Education Consultant

Great Civilizations are built from great libraries, and education should be available for anyone who is seeking it. Are you considering the same?

Arcon Developers

We all have played legos and we often competed with other with building a unique infrastructure. Now your dream can come true, you could contribute to the latest, distinctive building ever built and become a part of it.

Our Partners

Arcon Manpower Poland only with companies that observe ethical and legal standards and is ranked among the list of recruitment agency in Poland. We adhere strictly to our principles and codes, and comply with our partners to follow the same goal as ours. Our current partners up heads and shares the same values and goals for their employees and henceforth we hire workers in honor and trust with them.