Mechanical Fitters
Mechanical Fitters

Company Name : Mechanical Fitters

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Location : Częstochowa

  • Job Discription :Even though, Fitters may have slightly different responsibilities depending on their area of specialization and the required fields, most of their responsibilities are the same. Fitters construct and assemble mechanical systems. The key responsibilities are Examine detailed drawings or specifications to find out job, material and equipment requirements; Set up and adjust metalworking machines and equipment; Operate machines to produce parts or tools by turning, boring, milling, planing, shaping, slotting, grinding or drilling metal stock or components; Fit and assemble metal parts, tools or sub-assemblies; Dismantle faulty tools and assemblies and repair or replace defective parts; Set up and operate hand and machine tools, welding equipment or computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines; Check accuracy and quality of finished parts, tools or sub-assemblies.
  • Payment : 13 PLN NETTO
  • Working Hours : 8 TO 10
  • Accomodation : Company Will Be Provide


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