Masonry Worker
Masonry Worker

Company Name : Masonry Worker

Job Type : Masonry Worker

Location : Częstochowa

  • Job Discription :Mason lays building materials, including block, stone and brick, and constructs or repairs surfaces or structures using some hand tools. For mixing and some other specific works power tools are also used. Key responsibilities are Follow the plan and sketches; Lay blocks or bricks as in the plan or blue print or verbal instruction; Mixes cement using cement-mixing equipment, and hand tools; Cuts or breaks bricks and concrete using hammers, powered abrasive saws, paving breakers, drills and hand tools; Molds expansion joints and edges using edging tools and jointers; Remove excess mortar with trowels and hand tools.
  • Payment : 16 PLN NETTO
  • Working Hours : 8 TO 10
  • Accomodation : Company Will Be Provide


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