Company Name : Electrician

Job Type : Electrician

Location : Częstochowa

  • Job Discription :The Electrician has to deal with the assembling, installation, testing and maintaining of electrical or electronic wirings, equipment’s, appliances, apparatus, and fixtures. According to the circumstances the person has to do the work by own or by the guidance by the engineer or concerned superiors. The key responsibilities are Install, maintain and repair the wirings and electric system; Reading and assessing of circuit diagrams and blue prints; Inspect and diagnose the malfunctioning in the system, components, and devices; Identify the reason of breakdown and rectify it; Identify the risk of hazard and defects, and correct it. They may have to use some hand tools and power tools.
  • Payment : 14 NETTO
  • Working Hours : 8 TO 10
  • Accomodation : Company Will Be Provide


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