Worked as a welder in Poland. See vacancies for welders

Worked as a welder in Poland. See vacancies for welders

One thing you need to know before we tell you about our welder vacancies. First of all, you need to know under what conditions we hire welders for our work. Worked as a welder in Poland. Characteristics of cooperation with our company.

We offer vacancies for each welder:

  • From novice welders to highly paid professionals.
  • According to all relevant European welding processes.
  • For small businesses as well as for large welding factories. We mainly work with companies that have been in the market for a long time.
  • Jobs for professional welders.
  • Also jobs in many Polish cities.
  • A job for any welder from anywhere in the world.
Our specialists in the legalization of residence and work in Poland know how to hire foreigners from all available countries in Poland. In most cases, we employ people from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia. Although less desirable, we employ employees from other countries. We offer free housing. You can refuse our free accommodation in most of the available locations. And we increase your offer in return. With each welder we make an employment contract (umowa o pracę) with our company. According to the laws of the Republic of Poland, you always have 1.5-2 days off for each month of work. In addition, there is insurance ZUS + you receive a bonus. We help with invitations, work permits and obtaining residence cards or other permits. Welder work – reviews Place of work: Poznan. He worked as a welder in Poland. Welders work according to MIG, 135 MAG, 136 steel processes. Work for welders with different qualifications. The big advantage of this position is that the company itself is very large and the management accepts welders with different qualifications. Before starting work, the company must ensure that the welder has adequate qualifications. The company runs tests to verify this. If the test at the company is too complicated, usually the company refuses to provide the job and we have to select a welder for a more suitable job with lower qualification requirements. However, people can also be accepted in companies who have not passed the test but have basic knowledge of welding. Such welders are sent to train welders. Training is paid 25 zł per hour. The team leader decides how many days are needed for training. If you like this kind of training, you will be taken over by the company. Attention! We are talking about welders who, for example, don’t pass exams well because they don’t know how to tune a machine. Without knowledge and only desire, it is impossible to find a job for this position. When a welder enters the business, he is divided into three categories of welders. These categories are characterized by skills and responsibilities and, in particular, salary.

The first stage of recruitment is to fill out this questionnaire:

Workplace: Kielce. He worked as a welder in Poland. Worked for a welder for the MAG 135-136 method. Semi-automatic welding of construction machinery parts, such as: For example: excavator shovel, construction machinery chassis. You can watch a video on our YouTube channel where we show you the workplace. Place of work: Szczecin. Working as a Welder in Poland Welding Jobs with 136,138 method. To work: The plant is located in Szczecin, above the Oder, and is designed as a series facility for the production of foundations for offshore wind farms. Sheet metal welding in butts and T-joints. Welding group FM1 (non-alloy and fine grain steel) or FM2 (high strength steel). The big advantage of this work – we pay something on your certificate for this work, but only if you are in the Republic of Poland and get a temporary residence card, permanent residence card (karta stałego pobytu), EU residence card, Polish citizenship). You can find out the current price by filling out this questionnaire. Then our recruitment specialists will send you current job offers at current prices. Work of a welder in the city of Siemianowice оląskie (also known as Siemianowice). Works for argon welders using the TIG 141 method. This company is engaged in the manufacture of power boilers and tanks for the oil industry. Welding of argon pipes and boilers and black steel. Before starting work, you must pass the welder’s test. In this company you will have to pass a test, which takes about 2-3 hours. In the argon weld test, 4 mm thick black steel pipe shall be welded. One of the tasks could be to keep the melt, fill and make the front. Place of work: Gdansk. He worked as a welder in Poland. Works for welders using the MIG, MAG aluminum method. This is our highest paying job for a welder at the time of writing. The highest demands are always placed on this job. For example, many Polish companies accept welders with a German TÜV certificate confirming the welder’s qualifications. However, this agency does not accept such a certificate. You need a certificate from DNV (Det Norske Veritas). There is also a 3-day skill test for this position. And the work is controlled under X-rays. You can find out the current price by filling out this questionnaire. Then our recruitment specialists will send you current job offers at current prices.

Other job offers for welder

We will send you all current vacancies if you fill out this form. The first stage of recruitment is to fill out this questionnaire: The recruitment consultant will review your CV and documents. If you have the experience we need, our specialists will send you a job offer. Once you decide, we can start the recruitment process and issue a work permit for you. Then you can issue the visa yourself. Please note that we only communicate with shortlisted candidates. If the recruiter doesn’t reply to you, it means we can’t hire you. Also on our YouTube channel you can find reviews about the work of welders and locksmiths. Also see how other welders passed the test using different methods and technical drawings. Half of the video is dedicated to welders! How to work in Poland on qualification? – English version –